Why SUFYAA Bespoke?

1. Perfect Fit

No two people are built the same, which means there’s no way an item of clothing purchased off the rack will fit any person perfectly. When you get your clothes custom made, your exact measurements are taken so that your outfit will fit you like a glove.

Not only will your custom made clothing be the perfect fit, but you also get to hand pick the fabric, materials, and any other accessories you want to add on. What more could you ask for?

2. Better Fabrics

Speaking of materials, our fabrics that are some of the best out there. This is because they aren’t mass-produced like the clothing that is sold at most retail stores.

We’re keen on precision, and they adhere to a strict standard of stitches per inch, which makes the fabric extremely durable. You can rest assured knowing that your outfit will survive multiple uses!

3. Fully Customisable

How a person dresses says a lot about who they are. If you buy clothing that is produced at a mass level all the time, then you are prone to looking just like everybody else. Boring!

Custom made clothing brings out your individuality and allows you to express your creativity in a way that ready-to-wear clothes simply can’t. That means whenever someone compliments what you’re wearing, you can proudly own the fact that you were a collaborator on the outfit.

4. Yours to Keep

Instead of simply renting an outfit for your special occasions, why not invest in something truly unique and special? SUFYAA Bespoke offers you the option to keep and cherish your outfit for years to come, instead of just a one-time use.

So why settle for a temporary outfit when you can have something that will leave a lasting impression?

How do I start?

We recommend browsing our catalogue to get some ideas on what outfit you want and any customisations to it you would want. This will give you an idea of the rough pricing as well as look-and-feel when the outfit is completed. Also check out our FAQ for answers to common questions we get.

If the designs in our catalogue doesn’t match your needs, feel free to WhatsApp us to that we can provide a quick quote as well as any advise or feedback if needed.

After you’ve roughly decided on a design, set up an appointment to meet us at our boutique so we can do your measurements, fabric selection and make the first deposit payment.

We look forward to seeing you at our boutique soon!

Much Love,
Rina Tahar
Founder of SUFYAA

Our Bespoke Process

Crafting the perfect outfit may take a few steps but trust us that it’s worth it.

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