Women Catalogue

Baju Kurung

Baju Kurung is a loose-fitting full-length dress, consisting of a blouse and a skirt. It is loosely translated as “enclosed dress” and is a traditional costume of Malays and traditionally worn by women in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and southern Thailand.

Baju Kebaya

Kebaya is an upper garment opened at the front traditionally made from lightweight fabrics such as brocade, cotton, gauze, lace, or voile, sometimes adorned with embroidery. The front is secured with either buttons, pins, or brooches. The lower garment for the outfit is known as sarong, kemben or kain, a long piece of cloth wrapped and tucked around the waist or under the armpits, either made out of batik, ikat, songket or tenun.

Abaya / Kaftan/ Jubah / Dress

An abaya is a garment worn by women designed to be free and flowing, hiding the body’s curves.

Fusion / Pantsuit

Our fusion catalogue showcases combinations of two or more styles from different cultures into one.
Pantsuit is a woman’s suit of clothing consisting of pants and a matching or coordinating top.

Price for Women Outfits

$150-$250 (without Fabric)
$250-$450 (with Fabric)‚Äč

Any additional costs/works will be advised during consultation.

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